SCANDIVAC thermoforming machines are manufactured according to the Scandinavian principles of production – modernity, easy of use, customer friendliness.

SCANDIVAC machines are used to pack a wide range of products.

Thermoforming technology is intended for forming the film into packages, loading the product and sealing the packages in one technological process. Thermoforming packaging equipment allows you to pack products faster and easier.


Food – packing of meat, fish, salads, cheese, vegetables and other products

Medicine – packing of medical products

Pharmacy – packing of pharmaceutical products, tools and goods

Packing of industrial and consumer goods

Thermoforming Technology

Thermoforming is a manufacturing process, where the package is made at the same time the product is packaged. The film, as a packaging material, is heated up to the forming temperature and formed with the help of air and vacuum in a special mould, gaining the form needed for the package of the product.

In the process of thermoforming, the package is made with the same machine, where at the same time the product is loaded. It is possible to synchronize thermoforming machines with other devices, for example, with labeller, which straight after the sealing of packages sticks a label on them.

The technology of thermoforming can be used for packing small parties of food, as well as the part of a big process of product packaging.

Designing of the equipment

Manufacturing of each unique packaging equipment starts with the design, carried out by the company’s experienced constructors and technologists. Equipment is being prepared according to the customer’s defined needs.

Other components of the equipment

In addition to the components that are produced at the same factory, machines are also equipped with qualitative parts and units of European manufacturers.

The main functions of the SCANDIVAC thermoforming machines are being controlled by using Allen Bradley programming control systems, Schneider Electric electrical components and colourful LCD touch screens.

Thermoforming machines are equipped with Busch vacuum pumps and SMC Pneumatics pneumatical elements. There is a possibility to equip the thermoforming machines with ELS labellers, with printers of an Austrian company Bein, with a dosing systems for liquid products, automatical pad placer, and also a closed type water cooling system can be made.

Watch thermoforming process performed by SCANDIVAC machine.


Watch thermoforming process performed by SCANDIVAC machine


The food industry occupies one of the leading places in the economy of the whole world. Food equipment is necessary for every production and enterprise whose activities are directly related to the manufacture and production and processing of food products.

Packagıng And Dosıng Equıpment For Bulk Products

We offer a wide range of filling and packaging equipment for both bulk products and other products of the food industry. The range of equipment consists of the following types: vertical packaging machines, horizontal packaging machines, filling units.

Industrıal Hygıene Equıpment

Food safety is the main requirement of consumers today, therefore the introduction of a food safety system should be the initial goal of every manufacturer.

Nuts And Confectıonery

We offer a wide range of Nuts and Turkish Delight from the manufacturer. Nuts are a rich source of vegetable proteins and oils, vitamins and microelements, and in terms of nutritional value they are not inferior to meat.

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